Fleet Management Software

  1. 1.7*24hrs reliable and stable performance.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Support user account management, privilege management.
  4. Route planning.
  5. Smart Geo-fence zone management with different colors.
  6. Fuel monitoring with various fuel report, including fuel filling, fuel theft, fuel level graph.
  7. Driving behavior analysis reports such as overspeeding, fatigue driving, idling, parking overtime, harsh braking alarms.
  8. Stop car remotely.
  9. ACC on/off status alarms, door status alamr and so on.
  10. Support multiple maps: Google, OpenStreet, Yandex.
Permission & Power Assignment, Set Your Own Management
  • A tracking system with complete controlling, it make your management be more smoother. You can assign permissions and powers to your clients and people.
  • It allows you to assign different permissions to your people according to the demands and their ability. No workforce will be wasted.
  • You can set different power to people and clients. For your clients, a simple tracking is enough, and your people will need action when bad things happen, so you will give them control features.

Daily Report Sent By Email, Save lots of works

A email with tracking report will be sent to you or your clients per day, and it allows you ability to get data of your fleet every day automatically, rather than downloading by manual. Improve working effective. and save a lot of work.
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