Geotrack has four different modes of driver identification


Driver identification consists of 2 devices Key and Reader. Each driver has iButton key with unique id number. Once key is connected to reader, signal is send to GPS tracking device. Identification ensures that a particular vehicle is driven by the designated driver himself. iButton driver identification combination with the GPS tracker proves to be a very effective security or monitoring system for the vehicle.


RFID tagging is an ID system that uses small radio frequency identification devices for identification and tracking purposes. … An RFID tag (sometimes called an RFID transponder ) consists of a chip , some memory and an antenna . Many companies also deploy RFID staff cards for door access control. These can now be integrated with Simply Unified IVMS systems saving time and money. Not to mention quick to deploy and manage.


If it is for Multi-driver management by smart card, M-Reader can be pre-loaded into the M-Reader reader and connected to Ignition kill system. So, only an authorized pre-defined driver can turn on the ignition. This method is ideal for companies to effectively manage the usage control of the vehicle.


The iButton and RFID system based attendance can be fooled by peers. Therefore, Informap offers a foolproof biometric system using the fingerprint. This system also saves from worker excused for not carrying the card, missing or damaged etc. The FPR system can be enrolled with 2 fingerprint templates and workers or staff can use any one of the fingers for registering their attendance. Combined with the exit and entry flags, attendance reports with location stamps can be generated that can be either printed or uploaded to the ERP or salary and overtime payment system.

Other Sensors


GPS Tracking unit is connected to industry grade temperature sensors in the cooling unit. If the cooling compartment is longer, 2 sensors are installed to measure temperature in the blower side and in the middle. The application is programmed to send Email / SMS alerts if there is variation from the set temperature lower and upper range..


Companies that provide towing and vehicle recovery services can deploy Bed Sensors connected to Informap GPS Tracker. The bed sensors transmit Digital Input data that determine location and time when a Bed goes up and down. This will help companies find out the number of jobs a particular recovery vehicle has carried out. Following are the benefits: 1.Alert every time when a bed becomes operational 2.Trip Distance of each job 3.Activity report showing the Location and time operational time log

Tipper Sensor up / down

It informs in Graphical how many times the tipper raised and lowered. The customer can know how many loads he has loaded or unloaded. A useful sensor for controlling loads.


GPS tracking unit is installed in the tractor and a specialized ID tag is installed in the trailer. Both are connected through hard wire connection in such a way that the Tractor GPS unit is able to receive the trailer’s TAG ID when it remains connected. Application displays which trailer is connected to the tractor and allows generating trailer usage reports.


The Container GPS terminal is designed and developed specially for tracking logistics vehicles such as containers, ships, expensive equipment or other valuables. With the function of strong magnetic and easy installation, the container GPS Terminal operates with a lock and can be remotely opened by an authorized agent using a passcode.
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