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1Where can I get a GPS Tracking?
You’ve come to the right place! Geotrack is one of the leading vehicle tracking companies and suppliers of vehicle tracking and telematic services. Have a look at our products for more details.​
2How does vehicle GPS tracking work?
The receiver in our vehicle tracking systems communicates with the satellite using GPS technology. Signals are sent from the satellite to the receiver, which assists us in determining your vehicle’s exact location. Installing tracking devices in your vehicles is the best and easiest way to retrieve your vehicle after it gets stolen.​
3Where can I find a vehicle tracking device on my car?
Our tracking units can be fitted to a number of different places on your vehicle and we will never alert you to the location. Only the fitment agent will know where it is located. This is for your safety and security.​
4How difficult is it to remove or deactivate the unit?
As per the above point, you won’t be able to remove the tracking device or deactivate it yourself. This is a measure put in place to protect you. You can come to Geotrack Secure Operating Centre to have your tracking device deactivated or removed.
5Can the tracking device be fitted to any make of vehicle?
Yes, our tracking devices are compatible and can be fitted to all makes and models of passenger, commercial and heavy goods vehicles.​
6Will Tracker's units interfere with my vehicle’s electronic systems?
Geotrack technology has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets a high standards. This includes being tested worldwide for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). A number of international organisations support this testing and have approved our technology for EMC, including the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). ICASA is the Authority is responsible for regulating the telecommunications, broadcasting and postal industries in the public interest and ensure affordable services of a high quality for all South Africans. The Authority also issues licenses to telecommunications and broadcasting service providers', enforces compliance with rules and regulations, protects consumers from unfair business practices and poor quality services, hears and decides on disputes and complaints brought against licensees and controls and manages the effective use of radio frequency spectrum.
7Will the tracking unit need to be serviced and is there a service contract?
All tracking devices come standard with a Two-years warranty. Testing is required for Geotrack Retrieve and Alert products at least twice a year and it is recommended that tracking units are tested after any accidents or after significant electrical work has been carried out on the vehicle​
8What happens when I sell my vehicle? Can I transfer my GPS from one vehicle to another?
There are a few options to choose from when selling your vehicle and choosing what to do with your tracking device. You can transfer the tracking system to your new car. You can sell the vehicle complete with the tracking device, in which case, the new owner will take over your old monthly subscription. Please call the Geotrack Call Centre on +27 11 805 0752 (Mozambique +258 26 21 44 15) for more information.​
9Am I the only person who can activate my tracking device?
No, you can also nominate other chosen “Authorised Activators”. Anybody activating recovery services on a stolen or hijacked vehicle through Geotrack National Emergency Contact Centre, should convey a police case number to the contact centre agent.​
10What should I do if I realise my vehicle has been stolen?
The quicker you act, the quicker we can initiate the recovery of your vehicle. As soon as you realise it’s been stolen, contact Geotrack National Emergency Contact Centre on +27 11 805 0752 or (Mozambique +258 26 21 44 15) . Find out more about what to do if your vehicle is stolen.​
11Will there be extra premiums or charges if the vehicle is stolen more than once?
No. We understand that it’s out of your control if your vehicle gets stolen.​
12Do I need to give an approximate location of the stolen vehicle when notifying Geotrack of the theft?
No, this isn’t something you would be able to determine. We can track your stolen vehicle irrespective of its last known location.​
13How will my vehicle be returned to me?
Tracker has a strong relationship with POLICE giving us a powerful national footprint.
  • In case the car is stolen, Geotrack triggers one of the safety mechanisms.
  1. Locate and follow the vehicle.
  2. Monitors conversations in vehicle.
  3. Analyze the Alarm (Ati-Jamming)
  4. Remotely Lock Cars
  5. Send Plice team to rescue the vehicle
14What should I do if I require assistance?
​If you require assistance with any of our products and services, please dont hesitate to contact Geotrack. Upon calling our emergency number, we will assess the situation and immediately dispatch the nessessary services. If we cannot get a hold of you, we will then send one of our recovery teams to the location of your vehicle if the situation required it
15What should I do if I accidentally press my assistance SOS button?
​In the case of you accidentally pressing your assistance SOS button, please contact us immediately to cancel the alert. False alarms steal our resources from where they are really needed.​
16What areas are covered by Geotrack?
Throughout Southern Africa
17Can Geotrack locate my vehicle?
Yes. Tracker's immense infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology ensures you have the greatest location based services at your disposal​
18What warranty does Geotrack offer?
Our products offer a 24-month warranty. If it becomes inoperative during that time due to defective components, poor workmanship or design, Geotrack will replace the device, free of charge. If the device has been tampered with in any way, worked on by a non-authorised Geotrack installation agent or if it was damaged in an accident, this warranty will become null and void. You can insure your tracking device.​
19What happens when I sell my vehicle?
You can choose from two different options when selling your vehicle. The new owner can take over your subscription and a new contract will be set up and signed with that person. Alternatively, the unit can be transferred to your new vehicle, although a fee will be levied for this procedure​
20Who installs Geotrack Products?
Installations can only be carried out by a Geotrack approved auto-electrician. Our associated fitment agents regularly have to undergo polygraph tests and are always security checked to ensure maximum security for you.​
21Are there any hidden costs in Geotrack product offer?
The monthly subscriptions for your Tracker product may include standard services such as roadside assistance, medical assistance and theft retrieval. Any value-added services are opt-in services and will be charged at rates as specified in the service agreement. International GSM roaming rates apply if you wish to travel outside out of your country and wish to have your tracking device activated outside the country. False alarms will also be levied at normal service rates. * Please note that this is product dependent.​


1I have sold my vehicle. Why am I still being billed?
While you are certainly entitled to cancel your contract on one month's notice you will still be liable for the outstanding balance of the contract should you choose to do so. Alternatively, you can have your GPS unit transferred to another vehicle (for which there is a de and re-installation cost.) As per the terms of the Consumer Protection Act (CPS) this is what you can expect to pay if you choose to cancel your contract early: Kindly note that Geotrack requires at least one month's notice should you wish to cancel your contract, transfer your GPS and/ or on-sell your vehicle with the unit still installed.
2I never signed any contract and don't want to pay early cancellation costs?
There are a number of ways in which you may have entered into a contract with Geotrack. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • By completing a signed form (possibly together with your broker or someone from the dealership/fitment centre).
  • A voice-recorded telephonic contract either through Geotrack directly or a third party such as an insurer.
Furthermore, it's important to not the following:
  • You would have received an email or SMS confirming your contract with Geotrack.
  • You would have made your vehicle available for the Geotrack installation.
  • You may have signed an Installation Certificate.
  • You, or someone on your behalf, has been paying Geotrack monthly subscriptions for a period of time.
If any of the above took place without your knowledge or consent, it is against the law. Please feel free to inform Geotrack and the company will take the necessary legal steps.
3My vehicle was written off in an accident. Why am I still liable?
​Your contract with Geotrack runs for 12/24/36 months, regardless of whether or not your vehicle is involved in an accident. Upon entering into an agreement with Geotrack, you would have been asked whether or not you wish to insure the GPS unit. Had you chosen this cover, then certain cancellation options would be available to you.​
4My vehicle was repossessed by the bank. Why am I still liable?
​If the bank repossesses your vehicle, you are still liable for the outstanding contract with Geotrack. You can pay the early cancellation fee, or the monthly fee until the end of the 36-month period.​
5Why do I have to pay more for the same service than another person? Is this not discrimination in terms of the CPA?
Geotrack has a number of different business partners. Each of these partners run a different partnership model with Geotrack. In some cases, for instance, these partners may bill on Geotrack behalf or provide a certain sales or administration function. Due to the varying nature of these relationships the various costs involved can vary significantly from one partner to the next. You can contact Geotrack to find out who offers the best deals for your particular product and circumstances. The standard Geotrack monthly subscriptions for the products and services are on the Geotrack website at
6Why do we have to pay for the service if the unit is faulty?
Like any piece of hardware, if your Tracker unit is out of warranty and becomes faulty then the onus is on the customer to have the unit fixed or replaced. to lessen any potential customer inconvenience. In the case of a technical problem of Geotrack, will be covered the days of use proven by report of the system
7I cannot be forced to allow Geotrack to do the inspection or make my vehicle available to Geotrack to determine whether the unit is faulty. Now what?
​Unless you allow Geotrack access to your vehicle, the company will be unable to determine both the nature and cause of any potential fault currently being experienced. In this case Geotrack would have no choice but to hold you in breach of contract. Geotrack certainly hopes that such scenarios can be avoided.​
8If I cancel my contract before the end of the contract term, what am I liable for?
If you want to terminate your contract, you may do so by giving one calendar month's notice, subject to the early cancellation fee.
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